((A compilation of some of the many forms Fluttershy has taken on over the last two years.))

steamarcana said: I…don’t get it.

The hedgehog’s dilemma…The nearer we get, the deeper we hurt each other.

Bizarro me really gives me the creeps…


2. Welcome to Maretropolis

(previous) (the next part won’t take half a year to come out I swear)

((you might remember me reblogging the first part of this comic half a year ago. well this is the continuation. THIS IS WHERE THE GOOD STUFF STARTS))

((i won’t be reblogging much other maretropolis stuff on fluttershy’s blog from now on so y’all better go follow maretropolis if you wanna see how this story continues. this comic is quickly becoming my pride and joy))


THAT’S RIGHT! my game is finally playable! it’s a VERY small portion of the game (the whole thing will probably take you five minutes), but it’s a fun one nonetheless. consider this the e3 demo of my game. wait shit i should’ve waited until e3 to do this, huh? oh well, it’s ready now, so i’m releasing it


the downloads you will need are

  1. the rpg maker vx ace run time package (required for the game to work) (follow the installation instructions at the bottom of the page)
  2. THE SLHRPG DEMO ITSELF: download via mediafire or dropbox (i put it in two places JUST IN CASE)


when you download the demo it will be a shiny blue cube icon. double click it and the file will extract everything to the folder you specify. then go to that folder and double click GAME.EXE (the red dragon icon) to play

of course please note that the final version coming in june july will have way more cool stuff. also everything in this demo is subject to change, just like it says at the bottom of the title screen

i think that’s all i need to say here. just play the demo. it’s fun, i promise. go go go

((so fluttershy just hit 8000 followers. wow. but i don’t have time to make a big update because i am hard at work making this here video game about horses. mainly fluttershy, her girlfriend rainbow dash, and their buddy twilight, to be specific))

((the other week i released this demo for said game. a lot has been changed since then (for instance, there are a lot less assets stolen from earthbound now) but this is still a fun little look at my upcoming game that is eating up all of my free time and preventing me from updating fluttershy replies))

((anyway, follow the instructions above to download it. enjoy!))


This week we interviewed The mod from FlutterShy Replies, otherwise know as Bobby! Find him here!


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This week’s Cast:
TheCanadianBlizzard (Nick)

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((here is the podcast in case you guys didn’t make it to the livestream on saturday! it was fun. listen to this if you wanna hear me talk about video games with nick from cloudsdale cafe for like half an hour followed by me talking about the horse fandom stuff i do for a while followed by a fun, thrilling, and excited q&a session))

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